Chapter 4

Coffee cup


“That was so close!” I muttered whilst looking for a tissue in my briefcase. Wait, this is a briefcase not a handbag! “Seriously Adam, get a hold of yourself” I continued to mutter. I could feel the sweat forming on my forehead! Damn it! The last thing I wanted was my black hair to be damp. I brushed my fringed to the side.

But those arguments were thoroughly thought out. They organised it all. Definitely better than I could have done. Thrown and hit the target with complete force yet still retained that smoothness, and occasionally mockingly.

Sneaking in wasn’t too difficult, it was maintaining the calm demeanor that I found hard. Excitement ran through my body for various reasons. Some, highly expected, others got me off guard. Nothing prepared me for this.

“I need to stop all this over thinking. I could be completely wrong,” I repeated to myself as I noticed my mobile vibrating in my jacket.

“Yes what do you want?!” Wow did I just snap? I shut my eyes tightly for a moment. “Sorry Eliot, I don’t know what just happened there,” who am I kidding, I knew exactly what happened! “I’m just getting into the car, meet for coffee in 5.”

Ok Adam, ignore it all and don’t get involved. Argh! Anyways, you also haven’t spoken. Well it’s not my fault, would’ve been fine if Daniel didn’t do that. No no no Adam, focus, he’s your friend. Yes that’s the word, friend, who created the mess.

“Enough with the voices! I need coffee!”

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