PRESIDENT Morsi vs King Charles I

PRESIDENT Morsi vs Kings Charles I (Part 1) Yes, that’s ‘President’ Mohamed Morsi. The leader of the Freedom and Justice party. One may ask ‘why am I stating this?’ Simple – legally he is still the ‘President’ of Egypt. He is the first democratically elected President since, let’s see…actually, I don’t think there was one. more »

PGCE, Institute of Education, Interview!

It’s been about 2 weeks since I last wrote on this blog, so I’ve decided to mention (will try and not fume!) about my interview with the Institute of Education for the PGCE course in Secondary History. Now, as we know, it is pretty competitive to obtain a place in this course, and due to more »

Let me Enlighten you with Enlightenment (Part 2)

I mentioned in my previous blog about the causes of Enlightenment but stopped abruptly, simply because I started to get carried away with all the writing/typing…so apologises for that. However, I have decided to complete the Causes, well some of the causes, and then move onto the reaction from the class. Hopefully this one will more »