My Writing, My Thoughts and My Book!!

I have two blog posts that I one to put up! The one I’m currently typing (Hi, Hey, Hello everyone!!!), and another one. But, both concern the book I’ve written. Just would like to point out first, I’ve been going around trying to explain my blog to individuals. Yes, it’s very informal, yes, I’m typing more »

Imagination + Pen + Paper = Guardian Angel available to purchase

Good morning, afternoon and evening all! I was actually debating whether to title the post as ‘It’s finally here…’Guardian Angel: Me, Us, Them’…to purchase’, or to play around with words in order to come up with a more ‘authentic?’ title. Playing with words, clearly won. But… It really┬áis finally here! I have gone through literally more »

Why am I writing this? Not entirely sure…

You know that feeling when you’re ill? You know, right? right? You don’t want to move from underneath the covers? Then you wonder, ‘I must have pleased God, one way or another, for giving me such a wonderful mother’ right? right? You also think that you’re superwoman for going into work, especially when every single more »


I’m typing this on my phone today and it’s freezing cold. Well Autumn has started. So how are you all today? I must apologise for not typing any sooner. It’s been over a month now. But but but I do have some excuses available…   Work, part time as it may be, has gotten in more »