Can You Convince Me of Love?

Deep thoughts. Seriously crazy, but I can’t help it. Once the thought enters, the questioning begins, and the search for answers follows. But, when you can’t find the answers, when you can’t reach a conclusion, you feel like you’re sinking down. Sinking down, so deep, that only you, yourself, can bring yourself back up. When you do, then the smile returns. Answers will get you nowhere, I assume, since, when you return back without the answers, you carry on living with a smile that you mean.

Can You Convince Me of Love?

Let me touch Love. Let me feel Love. Let me see Love. Show me the beauty of Love. Allow me to breathe Love in.

Not borrow, but give me Love to keep. Let the touch move to hold. Let the see move to gaze. Let the breathe move to taste…but wait.

Can you convince me that Love does not bring hurt? Convince me that Love does not bring me tears? Convince me that Love can protect me? Convince me that Love will not walk away? Convince me that Love exists in my world?

Now, please tell me, if Love truly exists, will I, the questioner of Love, the one who doubts the existence of Love, I, the one who knows not whether to love or accept it, will I ever feel Love? Tell me, would I know when Love has caught me? Would Love ever try to catch me? Would Love shower me? Tell me, what Love is.

Can you convince me of Love?

© Fatima Begum 

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