Can I?


Can I?

Can I kiss you?
No you can’t.
Can I touch your lips?
No you can’t.
Brush my thumb across it?
No. No.
Rub my face against your face?
No you can’t.
Then, at least me slide my palm down your face?
No you cannot.
Not even a finger?
Not even a finger.
Can I touch you at all? 
No you can’t.

Please, let me hold you tight. 
No, I shall not.
Let my lips press against your neck.
No. I am too cold.
Then let my warmth spread heat through your body.
It will not. 
Can I press my body against yours?
Why? What would that do?
Allow our heart to become one.

If I cannot touch you, if I cannot hold you, then let me gaze at you. 
If you must, then yes.
Can my eyes travel from you body to your eyes?
Yes they can. 
Can they pass on a message?
Yes they can.
A message that I have been waiting to tell you?

Yes, please do go on.

First let me touch your lips. Can I?
Yes you can.
First let me rub my thumb across your lips. Can I?
Let me slide my palm down your face. Can I?

My message is stating that friendship is no longer an option. 
Is it not?
That my laughter is always followed by tears of frustration.
It is?
Do you know that I am hurting inside?
No, but I do now.

If you know that I am hurting inside, then why have you not asked me the question? One simple word?


My heart bleeds because I am in love. In love with you.

If you love me so, then why are you 
hurting? Why does it bleed?

Because I cannot have you. Can I?

©Fatima Begum

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