Busking by Tim OT of my poem

Walked up to an artist busking and asked if he could try and to sing one of my poems. I really wanted to hear the poem as a song.

I’ve asked random strangers at cafes, waiting room – waiting for the doctor, even a person on the bus. I’ve asked opinion from Poets from various Poetry groups too. Evoking emotion is key for me as well as having someone reading the piece.

As an author, I added it in one of my chapters, so natural to know how it would sound when the character sings. As a Poet, whoever sang it, it’d have to be sung with feeling. A person’s emotion, feelings, thoughts are all poured out in a poem.

Tim OT did amazing, especially considering it was on the spot. I can’t get the tune out of my head, even if it was sung using a guitar rather than a piano 🙂

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