Book Two with a Crazy Imagination

Hi all!

This is a very very delayed post. I should have had it posted up as soon as my second book was published. Not to worry though!

So I’ve published my second book of the Guardian Angel series (I’ve been told to name it a series), Before and Now. It’s up on Amazon so please have a look. You will enjoy it, I promise (smiling). I’ll post the link near the end of the post. Also, the first book, Kindle version, is currently on sale for £1.99, but hurry before the price is set back up!

So that’s the ‘advertising’ -ish bit done (I’ll come back to it!), I wanted to let you know why everything has been delayed.

As you all know, I’ve interviewed several Bestselling authors, and they really are wonderful. They even gave me advice, and truth me told, confidence that even I can achieve my own dreams. But the never had a chance to take advantage of the resources that they advised me to. When you’re diagnosed with another condition, the last thing on your mind is promoting a book.

I do not really want to delve into the issue, that’s a separate post that I shall be typing up, but all I do want to make a statement. A quote even:

Never let anything stop you from achieving your dreams. Fight all obstacles in the way, but NEVER give up!

I’m going to leave the above in black! If I could publish TWO books, trust me, you can achieve your dreams.

People often say that success should be on your goal, but I realised that if you focus on success, then you’d realise what failure is, and failure is not an easy thing to accept, no matter how many memes, quotes and people say it. Yes, you learn from your mistake, never let failure get to you, however, it begs the question – what is success?

Am I writing a book to make financial gain, or am I writing it because that I love writing?

So if it’s the first, then success would be to make the most money, if the latter, then it would be all about publishing your writing, whatever type it is.

Let us focus on the former – I would be classified in the ‘failure’ camp considering I have not made the amount that I should make (whatever it may be) – but then it is my own fault, as I never marketed/promoted it, just mentioned it online a few times. BUT, if that latter – then success is definitely on the table. I have had my political articles published online and in print for newspapers, I have had my poems published in Anthologies, which are available in libraries across the UK (including the British Library), and now I have had two fictional books published. I don’t want to go down the independent vs publisher debate, I am an indie author, and proud. Proud, because I, myself, have had to do the research and publish it. (Thanks Amazon!)

This is what a crazy imagination can lead you to do!

I never thought about making money out of my books, I just enjoyed writing them. The price was based on how good I believed my book was worth. That’s up for debate, but if I could make the reader feel what I felt, then I know that the book is worth the read and the price. Don’t worry, I know my target audience, and like anything, I was able to get a list of people to have a read before I published it! 

I guess you’re probably thinking, what is it about my book that’s so interesting, and would you be willing to spend that amount to have a read, right? 

Well here’s my taster and what I personally think. Bare in mind that I am a very self-critical person, so if one was to compliment my book, it would probably take some time until I actually believe them – something that is not good!

Anyways, book two, Guardian Angel: Before and Now, is about emotions, the fight for love, relationship between friends, betrayal – basically, all the feels of a romance book, just not the ‘mature’ content. I just believe that why is there a need for that when a simple look, a few words, a slight touch, can provoke so many different feelings that I’m sure that the reader may feel. Without tragedy, is it possible to feel true love? I am a writer after all. Smile!

I may not know what love truly is, but this book took me to another place. When I was writing it, I was in another world. My own world. I could imagine all the scenes, feel what the characters felt, and sometimes hated myself for writing…well leave that there. 

I am not trying to convince one to buy it (ok maybe I am a little), I am just trying to show that my crazy imagination took me to places and feel things that I never thought I’d feel. Like before, I would write things, then read back and think ‘where did that come from?’ or ‘did I really write that?’

Let’s see…Lily has woken up, you see the relationship between Kray and Lily (happy? sad? only for you to decide), Daniel has a bigger role as you see his relationship with Kray, but Lily is in the equation. You’re introduced to another character. I seriously do not know the plot, all I do know is, unlike many romance books out there, I wanted to solely focus on the emotional side to things. The relationship between characters. The reader to feel what the characters felt. Whether I am successful, only the reader can tell me.

For now, I will leave you with this, a quote I created, ‘When emotions take over, even the most rational thinker forgets logic’ something that I do believe, and yes, I did step back and think ‘How on earth did I come up with that!’ 

I will put up another post very soon 🙂

Guardian Angel: Me Us Them

Guardian Angel: Before and Now



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