‘No, it should go well. Hello? Hello? I said it, the presentation I mean, should go well… yes I do have the laptop with me. Um, hold on, God, it is windy… I need to collect something… O.K, see you in a bit,’ Lily, hung up the phone and pushed it back into her black bag.

‘Ah, there you are,’ Lily stated, as she finally located the Post Office across the road. She did the usual important safety checks, looked both left and right, and then proceeded to cross the road.

As the wind whipped past her, her hair caught across her face, momentarily covering her eyesight. She suddenly looked to her right at the sound of the car.

Standing rooted to the spot, she heard a scream in the distance. Was that my voice? She thought before being engulfed into complete darkness.

Opening her eyes slightly, she noticed she was no longer standing. Her hair was, once again, covering her eyes to prevent a clear vision. Feeling a sharp pain along her right leg, she attempted to look down. But, only then, did she realise that she could no longer move her body.

Inhaling deeply, she urged herself to move. Move! You have to move! It’s cold and rough!

Dark red liquid started trailing down her face. Her limbs began sending messages to her but she did not know which one to respond to first. Slowly, she started noticing numerous feet surround her. Again, she tried to urge, encourage, even pled her body to move.

Then there were voices.

‘How long until the ambulance?’

‘Stop the bleeding!’


‘Wait, wait, she’s opened her eyes!’

She felt a hand hovering above her mouth.

‘Thank God, she’s breathing!’ A lady exclaimed.

That sound. I’ve heard it before. Where? She couldn’t help thinking. Why are they leaving me? I can barely hear the voices now.

‘No, don’t go. Stay…’ were the last few words she heard, before hereye lids started forcing their way down into darkness.

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