Words are beautiful, only beautiful when they are spoken softly and sweetly.
Spoken softly and sweetly, only sweetly when a smile lights up the face.
A smile lights up the face, only radiant when the eyes are filled with colours,
And these eyes are filled with colours when love is truly there.
That is beauty.

Beauty is when the candle flickers its light to remove darkness,
And this same candle is held by you to remove the darkness enveloping my life.
Beauty is when your pure thoughts spread across your face,
Thoughts that are directed at me,
Thoughts that only I can read,
Thoughts that radiate your face with light.

It is your eyes, intense and full of colour, colour that everyone can see.
Your eyes gaze at me through colours,
Talk to me through colours,
And whisper only to me.

The smile, the colours, the light pours out from within you.
Yes, true beauty can only be found within you,
But once it is out, let all witness its true power.
Is that not what true beauty is?


© Fatima Begum

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