‘Has she said anything? Has she mentioned anything? Has she mentioned me?’ Kray threw one question after another at Daniel.

‘No, Kray, no,’ slightly flustered, replied Daniel. He took a step back with his hands up. ‘Kray, just go to her! I’ve had enough of these questions. No, correction, I’ve had enough of the same questions!’ Clear annoyance was present in Daniel’s tone.

Kray, looking down, mumbled, ‘Ok. Fine.’

‘Seriously, Kray, look at you. Since when have you become this vulnerable doctor? Where’s that confidence gone?’ Shaking his head, Daniel added, ‘Things will change. She won’t remember everything.’

‘That’s the word, Daniel, everything. Regardless, she will remember something,’ Kray replied. ‘And regardless whether she remembers or not, I still can’t have her!’ Frustrated, he flung his arms up in the air.

‘Now, that’s not true. We’ve removed it from your back. Just need to-‘

‘-Nothing! That’s what we need to do! Ok, I’m going to see her,’ Kray cut in and stalked off.

Walking into Lily’s room, he looked around and shuddered at the pale green walls. The room was completely bare apart from two chairs, some medical equipment, and with Lily lying on her bed.

‘At least she’s out of intensive care,’ he muttered, as he moved towards the window. He pulled down the blinds to hide the darkness outside. Turning back to Lily, he stood there, just staring at her peaceful face.

‘Do I go to her or do I leave? Lily, just wake up,’ he whispered. After another minute of internal debate within himself, he strolled back towards the door. Barely making a couple of steps, he came to a halt. The itchy feeling had returned. ‘Damn you, Daniel,’ he muttered to himself.

Shutting the door, he took off his white jacket and removed the stethoscope from around his neck and dropped them on the chair. Kray hunched over in order to scratch his back, but, his attempt appeared futile. He did, however, make enough noise to wake Lily up.

Lily rolled to the side to identify where the sound of heavy breathing was coming from. Noticing a hunched figure, she slowly widened her eyes. ‘Kray?’ She croaked.

Kray, hunched over, made no immediate movement. He focused his eyes on the floor and refused to look up. Not hearing any further sound, he resumed scratching his back. Out of frustration, he unbuttoned his shirt, ignoring the black feathers piling on to the floor.


Kray jumped up and scanned the room for the sound and stopped his eyes on Lily. ‘Lily?’ He responded and felt his wings force out fully from his back. His smooth black wings fluttered slightly before widening. He stood rooted to the spot, shocked at how the situation had changed. But wasn’t this what you wanted? ‘Yes, I did, but not see me like this,’ he fumed at himself.

‘Kray, I knew you were real. I knew it,’ Lily slowly pushed out the words. She made an attempt to sit up.

‘Wait, Lily, don’t move,’ said Kray, as he moved to aid her.

Sitting up, Lily looked down at Kray, as he took a seat on the chair. He gently pulled her hand to his lips and gazed into her eyes.

Not being able to handle Kray’s intense gaze any longer, she diverted her eyes to her feet.

‘No, Lily. No. Look at me. Please?’ He pleaded.

‘That’s what you told me before. What happened, Kray? Why am I here now?’

‘Lily, what else do you remember?’ Kray breathed out.

‘You, Kray. I remember a place we were in. You told me…’ she closed her eyes as Kray placed his lips on her wrist.

‘I told you what, Lily?’

‘I can’t remember, Kray. But you did say I’ll leave.’

‘Forever? What did I do, Lily? Remind. Please.’ Kray had now moved on to her bed. He pulled Lily closer. ‘Lily?’ he whispered in her ear. ‘What did I do?’

‘You…Kray?’ Kray placed his palm on the side of her face. She tilted her head to the right to stare into his eyes. ‘You kissed me, Kray,’ she finally let out.

‘I know I did, Lily,’ Kray whispered, before pulling Lily in and placinga soft kiss on her lips.

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