Interview with USA Today Bestselling Author, Ava Stone

I must start off by thanking the lovely USA Today Bestselling Regency Romance Author, Ava Stone, for agreeing to the interview. Although I have read many of her books, A Scandalous Wife has to be my favourite. Love it when a book can make me laugh yet bring tears of sadness. Make sure you check out her books.

Ava StoneWhy did you become a writer?

I’ve always been a writer. I was in second grade when I wrote my first story, which was about a mermaid. With that said, I’ve always worked in very un-creative fields from the time I was sixteen until now. Writing for me, is an escape from the real world.

Why did you choose this genre? What was most appealing about it and most difficult?

I am writing in two genres these days – Regency Historicals and New Adult/Contemporaries.

Historical romance has always been an escape for me, a chance to go to a time that feels very romantic and far away. The most difficult aspect is writing about a place that is very far from where I live. I wish I could schedule in an annual trip to the UK. That would solve that problem and be vastly inspiring.

For the New Adult/Contemporary, I really enjoy that age, where everything is possible and people are just finding what they want to do with their lives and what works for them as individuals. The most difficult aspect is keeping up with whatever the hottest new trends are. Luckily, my son keeps me on the right path.

What is your goal when you begin writing a story? The sort of emotions you want the reader to feel when reading your book?

My goal when I write a story is to be true to my characters and to take readers on an enjoyable journey.

What sort of emotions do I want readers to feel? I want them to run the gambit. I want them to be able to identify with the main characters, even if they are very different from any particular reader.

I want readers to care about what happens to the characters. To laugh when things are funny and cry when things are sad.

 I still get emails about the death of a character from one of my earliest books, angry that I’d killed her. But at the end of the day, I find that to be complimentary. I made people care so much about her that they miss her now that she’s gone.  I hope my characters feel like real people.

When do you find the best time/place to write?

I am a night person. So I’ve always been the most creative at night. However, I have to be up early to take my son to school and head to work, so I don’t have the luxury of staying up all night anymore. So I have to write whenever I get a few minutes, regardless of the time or day.  And I can write anywhere. I have a nice, comfy chaise in my living room, or I’ll often write in bed, and I’ve spent quite a lot of time in coffee shops. I always have my laptop on me. Luckily, it fits in my purse.

If you were to choose a favourite book you have written, which would it be?

A Scandalous Wife by Ava Stone

A Scandalous Wife by Ava Stone

It’s often the last book you’ve written because you’re still so close to it. For me, that would be A Scandalous Deception. I could identify with poor Lady Felicity and her youthful poor choices that landed her in her unfortunate situation. I do also have to say that A Scandalous Wife is very close to my heart for two reasons – 1, it was my very first book, so that is always special; and 2 – the heroine Lydia was based on my grandmother and tragic/traumatic things that happened to her in her past.  And for those reasons, that book is very special to me.

What is your favourite book you have read and author?

It’s hard to pick just one. There are a couple of books I have read over and over, however. I adore Lisa Kleypas’ THE DEVIL IN WINTER. There’s nothing like a surly, sarcastic hero who is much more than he appears. I also love, love, love Sabrina Jeffries’s A NOTORIOUS LOVE. Son of an Irish highwayman, her hero is far from your typical Regency hero and that is one of the things that make him so wonderfully sexy and oh-so memorable.

Your advice to prospective/new writers trying to break into this field?

My advice to anyone breaking into romance has been to join RWA. There is so much good information within the organization and so many great contacts you can make.

No interview is an interview without finding out an author/writer’s favourite Food, Colour, Flower, and Day (let’s be honest, everyone has a favourite day!). Therefore, to get to know the author more…

Favourite Food: I am addicted to oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Favourite Colour: All shades of blue.

Favourite Flower: Gerbera Daisy.

One More Haunted Evening by Ava Stone available in September this year.

One More Haunted Evening by Ava Stone available in September this year.

Favourite Day: Not very original of me, but my favourite days are Fridays and Saturdays.

I love spending my weekends with my son, my scientist and my sweet Lord Catsby. 

Thank You!

To all the lovely avid readers of Historical novels and Regency Romance, and to all the great fans of Ava Stone, watch out for One More Haunted Evening, which should be out on the 28th of September this year.

(Be ready for next week’s interview with another great novelist!)

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