I’m typing this on my phone today and it’s freezing cold. Well Autumn has started.

So how are you all today?

I must apologise for not typing any sooner. It’s been over a month now. But but but I do have some excuses available…


  • Work, part time as it may be, has gotten in the way, especially since it’s the holidays – hours change!
  • I’m completing a course/diploma of Web Designing and Development –  my degrees didn’t pass on ‘technical’ skills.
  • I’ve realised how much I do not like the look of my website.
  • As I’ve been learning coding and how to use Dreamweaver, it’s given me so so so many ideas of how to change the layout and look of the site – that’s if I can get it right.
  • All this is still very confusing so it’s taking time to learn.
  • I haven’t had the chance to contact any authors lately, so my ‘Interview’ section is extremely behind too.
  • Have to publish my story.
  • Need to focus on looking for a job – develop a career and seriously want to save to buy a house/flat 😁
  • Life is complicated, simply…such is life!





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