I want to welcome you all to my world of writing. You’ll soon realise that this site is full of my writing, whether it’s interviews with bestselling authors or published articles on current affairs. Along with those, I also have my trusted Blog! And, no, it does not focus entirely on one topic, I like to discuss events as it comes.

All in all, I shall be covering three big areas that I really am crazy about: Politics; History; and Books. Do not worry, as these are my writings, it means that views are my own.

Oh yes, I assume that I must include a little about myself. So here goes…

I’m a graduate in History (I absolutely LOVE the subject). Along with that, I’m a postgraduate in International Politics (speechless). So I guess you can see why I write political articles! I mean come on, politics runs our daily life, besides, it’s extremely interesting. Ok, fine, it’s subjective! You’ll notice that most of what I write always mentions a little on History to back up my claims. It’s hard to understand anything or see the bigger picture without knowing a bit of History.

So moving on, before I go into a completely different direction.

I love writing! Whether it’s related to current affairs, or creative writing! I tutor (a job not a career), which was NOT part of my ‘great plan’ after university. Well I did graduate with my degree when the economic crisis began. So spent a few more thousands of pounds and completed a postgrad degree! Although, I have to give credit to tutoring English as it helped open up this crazy imagination!

I may not have reached my ‘great plan,’ but I did learn to adapt! Currently, I have published two books, have credits in five different Anthologies, which can be found in the BRITISH LIBRARY – now that’s an achievement! I have written numerous articles for websites and bilingual newspapers  hopefully one day it will be a national paper (sorry all, again – I just love history and politics!).

So that’s a little about me! Crazy about Politics and History (ahhhh current affairs + Robert Fisk is a genius!), plus LOVE writing.

Anyways, I would like to welcome you to my world of writing once again. You will enjoy it, I promise.


Fatima Begum