Welcome to my world of writing! You will find articles on current events and interviews with great writers, starting off with USA Bestselling authors! Don’t miss out on free chapters of my fictional work and the one and only Blog! Unlike the usual blogs out there, my blog covers anything and everything!

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Getting back into Writing Common Sense

Although, it is a question people ponder over at times. I sometimes also think about whether something is real. That mainly occurs when I’m deep into my writing, a world created by my thoughts and fingers.








Some stories that I am currently working on, including a book of Poems

The Boy in the Painting

‘Death is our best friend from childhood. It is just lost in this cruel world. When it finds its friend, what happens, only it decides.’

My Writing

‘I now understand what it means to say,
Your heart says one thing, but your mind another…

Guardian Angel: The Story

‘Follow the story, my fingers shout,
But this word is a word, that can never be real’




Interview with Award Winning Fiction Writer, Anne Leigh Parrish

I got a chance to interview Anne Leigh Parrish. Her main focus, when it comes to writing, is the language and the characters. I think this is one thing that stood out because not all stories need to be led by a plot!

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