Daniel moved away from the window. He had watched the argument develop between Kray and Lily. That brought a smile to his face. Kray could say whatever he wished, but he knew she wouldn’t budge. Stubbornness has its uses.

Looking at his watch, he walked towards the Entrance. Kray would be at his side within minutes. He replayed the conversation he planned to have with Kray. First, it’d involve sympathy. Then, he would pass on some advice. Finally, he would get angry or annoyed and bring logic into the equation. Hopefully that would be enough.

‘Daniel, there you are,’ Kray called from across the corridor.

‘Damn, so close,’ Daniel muttered under his breath. He still continued on towards the Entrance.

‘Daniel, wait,’ Kray, again, called as he rushed down the corridor. ‘Wait.’

‘Wait for what?’ Daniel responded. He stopped and turned towards Kray. ‘I need to get home.’

‘She broke up with me. She doesn’t want anything to do with me. She’s free of me,’ he stated.

‘You’re sad about it?’ Daniel asked.

‘Sad? Wouldn’t you be? If the girl you loved, if she left you?’ Kray asked. ‘What annoys me is that she wouldn’t even tell me why!’ He drew in a sharp breath.

‘Love? We’re angels. Guardian Angels. That’s it. We don’t have feelings. We don’t know what love is. Nothing, Kray, nothing,’ Daniel responded. ‘The best thing would be to leave her alone.

‘Argh!’ Kray fumed, with clenched fists. ‘O.K, O.K, say that you are right. Say that it’s true that we don’t have these feelings, these emotions-‘

‘We don’t, Kray,’ Daniel cut in.

‘No, wait. Let me finish! Neither have I any feelings, nor do I know the definition of emotions. Of love. But, she loves me. She loves me, Daniel, she still loves me. She can scream, shout, or yell that she doesn’t, but, I know she does. She’s hiding something. I need to know, Daniel,’ Kray held onto Daniel’s jacket and shook him.

Slowly, Daniel removed Kray’s hands and took a step back. Flexing his fingers, he looked up. He had sympathised. He had given him advice. Now, all that remained was logic.

‘Sometimes, what we believe to be true, may not be true. We confuse things. Lust for love and vice versa,’ he looked into Kray’s eyes.

‘This is not lust. It is love. Daniel, this is a Love story between Lily and me.’

‘Love?’ Daniel questioned again. ‘Kray, sometimes when something is far from our reach, we have this mentality that we need to have it. But, once we’ve caught it, then the meaning changes. We start looking at it from a different perspective. Sometimes, even reducing its value. In Lily’s case, it’s you. How many times have you said no to her? Mocked her even? But,’ he took a deep breath, ‘she continued on, right? She thought that she was in love with you. Although, now that she has caught you, that you have admitted your love for her too, everything has changed. Maybe, now she believes that what was love for her then, was in fact lust,’ Daniel finished.

‘Lust? No. I can read her, remember? I know she’s hiding something and I know Malayka played a role in it!’ Kray shouted.

Daniel held up his palm. ‘No more, please. Look at you! I’ve had enough with all this. It’s tiring.’

‘O.K,’ Kray whispered, looking down. ‘Can you answer one question?’

Daniel nodded. He could feel the excitement inside him. Kray had finally given up. Kray would be free of her. He didn’t know what way to go about it, but it seemed as if Lily was able to push him away.

Head down, Kray flicked his eyes upwards, looking straight into Daniel’s eyes.

‘I noticed Lily having a line of marks down her neck. They weren’t there before, begging the question, how did they get there?’ Kray continued to whisper. Lifting his finger to his teeth, ‘Bites?’

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