Triangle of Confusion

I looked into Daniel’s eyes. He knew that I knew. A smile tugged at corner of my lips. I was going to enjoy this. Too much had happened.

‘You’re supposed to keep a watch over her, not me. So how am I supposed to know?’ he asked. Worry was etched across his face.

‘You don’t?’ I could feel the rage inside me rumble, but I refused to give into it. I forced my tone to remain soft. ‘Tell me, who initiated it? Did she make the first move, or did you?’

Daniel stood motionless. Daniel, speechless? Not possible. Actually, considering he was speechless, then it was possible.

‘I did nothing wrong. She was crying. All I did was alleviate the pain. You act as if I took advantage of her situation. You brought the tears, remember?’ He fired back.

I flinched at his tone. This was not the Daniel I knew. Or maybe it was; I just never wanted to see that side of him. Did he not try and take her from me, before?

‘That was not my question,’ I stated, lightly. ‘So, come now, tell me, who made the first-‘ the sudden shattering of glass stopped me.

Both Daniel and I turned towards the sound. Lily stood there, expressionless. ‘Lily?’ I managed to break the silence.

‘I made the first move,’ she walked towards us and held Daniel’s hand.

I looked, first at Lily’s face, and tried to search for the truth. Then, directed my gaze at Daniel. He looked shocked. Confused. I knew that I held the same facial expression.

‘You?’ I croaked.

‘Yes, it was me. When you said no to me, I made up my mind to have Daniel as my Guardian Angel,’ she stated.

‘No,’ I started shaking my head, whilst backing away. ‘I refuse to believe you.’

‘Oh, I assure you, it was definitely me,’ she continued on. There was something missing. Something was not right.

‘Lily, look at me,’ she refused to look at me. I walked towards her and slid my palm down her cheek. Gripping her jaw, I tilted it up and caught her eyes. ‘Tell me. Was it you?’ I asked softly. I could feel something break inside me. My heart was already crushed, what more could she destroy?

‘Yes, it was me,’ she answered. Her lips were trembling.

Daniel grabbed my wrist and flicked it off. ‘Leave her, Kray. Look,’ he pointed behind me.

Noticing the light, I knew everything would end today. Malayka was here. The lights went out and complete silence took over, as she made her way to us. She looked over at Lily, and gave a slight nod. Malayka’s light seemed to have focused on Lily and Daniel. I stood there and watched Lily wrap her arms around Daniel’s neck. She tilted her head up and caught his lips.

I felt the colour drain from my face. Lily? I froze, just staring at the scene in front of me. I tried to look away, but my eyes refused to follow my command. My eyes wanted to witness it all. I could no longer articulate a single sentence. Dropping to my knees, I tried to control my heart beat. Glancing at Malayka, I noticed a smile lingering on her lips.

‘See, Kray, I knew something like would happen,’ Malayka, knowingly, whispered.

Tightening my eyes, ‘You did all this,’ I seethed through my teeth. ‘You knew that I would be affected. You knew it would hurt me.’

‘Yes I did,’ neither did she attempt to hide her scheme, nor the excitement she felt. Her hands were clasped together, making it seem that she wanted more.

‘No more, please,’ I said.

Malayka refused to look at me, but focused on the scene.

‘Daniel,’ I whispered.

Daniel tore his mouth away from Lily’s and pushed her aside. ‘Kray, it’s not what it seems,’ he said, desperately. I could only laugh.

‘When two mouths are locked together, what would you expect one to think?’ I asked. Standing up to leave, ‘Well, you won,’ I stated.

He grabbed my arm. ‘I know what you are thinking, but, I feel nothing for Lily-‘

‘Yet, you allow her to plunder your mouth,’ Snatching my arm back, I looked at both of them with disgust. ‘I thought that I loved you, Lily. I believed it. It seems as if you enjoy watching a person’s heart cry.’

‘It’s not like that,’ Lily began.

‘Then what?!’ I shouted. Frustration engulfed me. Anger was replaced by hurt. ‘No! Don’t come near me!’ I shouted at Daniel, as he made a move towards me.

‘Kray, listen,’ Lily stretched out her hand, but, I slapped it away. I was the centre of the story, and I was the one being made a fool.

‘This is all you fault!’ Daniel yelled at Lily. ‘I told you to stay away from me. I told you not to touch me!’

I snapped my head up and darted my eyes between Lily and Daniel. ‘You- you- you told her not to touch you?’ Daniel nodded. I was not the only one feeling angry or hurt in the room.

‘Kray, listen to me, it’s not what it seems. I did nothing,’ Daniel pleaded for me to understand. Again, he grabbed my arm.

Caught up in the moment, I shrugged him off and turned to Lily. ‘He told you to leave him, yet, you came back?’ I was trying to comprehend the twist in this whole story. ‘Was this after my declaration of love? After my kiss? When was this?’ My hands were shaking.

‘Kray, you will die,’ she whispered. ‘I had to, otherwise you would die.’

‘Then let me die!’ I yelled. She jumped at my response. ‘Can you not see that this is worse?’

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