The Unexpected Change

I watched Kray walk away. Shaking my head, I looked back down at my paperwork. I had a negative feeling about all this. Yes, I loved Kray, but I was experiencing these strange tingly sensations in my fingers, every time I was around Lily.

I couldn’t help it, I needed to know what it was. How far I could go. I needed to know how far Lily would allow me to go. To do any of this, I had to convince Kray to leave Lily alone. Besides, I would be helping him. Stop him from being destroyed. It would work out for me as I was not her Guardian Angel, so I could do as I pleased. Then, why did it feel so wrong?

‘Brothers,’ I muttered. Yes, he was like a brother, although, it was feeling more and more like a competition between us.

My patient would never arrive. How could she, if she did not exist? Besides, no one, in their right mind, would give me another patient. My previous one died, due to my lack of care. But, she was coming.

I did feel slightly guilty about all this, however, that didn’t stop me from checking my watch every two minutes. I had filled out everything, so why was it taking this long?

I began pacing back and forth. The level of impatience was overwhelming. ‘Just breathe, Daniel,’ I said aloud.

Then, there was a light knock and I knew she was here. A small smile tugged at the corners of my lips.

She walked in, and sent a dazzling smile my way. A feeling of relief, washed over me.

‘You called?’ She asked. Her voice was soft and melodic.

‘Yes,’ I answered. No one knew her name, and I never had enough courage to ask her. ‘Yes I did.’

‘So what has occurred? Would I need to ask their opinion?’ She continued. Blinding light began emanating, so I simply closed my eyes.

‘Let’s make a deal. I know how you feel about Kray and I know how Kray feels about you. I know how he feels about everything. I know that he is in the middle of a ridiculous battle within himself, and I know why,’ I stated. Opening my eyes, ‘A battle that has pushed all rationality out the window,’ I added. I could hear the annoyance in my tone.

I was having my own battle. Part of me didn’t want to see Kray get hurt. I didn’t want to inflict pain on him. It was Lily’s fault, yet I couldn’t blame her for what I felt towards her. So, do I blame myself?

‘Yes, Daniel, you do,’ she smiled. Selfishness had won.

She knew what was about to happen.

‘I need to go to her. She’s in room 25D,’ I said, before walking away.

‘Oh, Daniel, wait for just a second, please,’ Malayka called.

I stood still with my back to her. ‘Yes?’ I muttered. I could feel confusion being tipped into my thoughts. ‘Yes?’ I repeated.

‘Don’t growl at me. I have one question. Why did you call me if you wanted Kray to split with Lily?’ She questioned.

I swiveled round to face her. ‘I don’t understand you. What exactly are you trying to imply?’ I responded back with a question of my own.

‘Well, I will destroy Kray only if he decides to over step the boundaries with Lily. But, I have no reason to destroy him, if they are not together, yet here you-‘

‘Here I am, calling you. I know!’ I sliced in.

She raised an eyebrow, ‘So, you do want him destroyed?’ My silence led her to laugh. I could never understand her. When did she become so heartless? What about you, Daniel? What have you become? My thoughts were digging into me. I turned, and walked off.

Deep in thought, I walked down the corridor. Still arguing with myself, I opened the door and walked in.

I stood, amazed at the beauty standing in front of me.

‘Lily?’ I, somehow, uttered.

She stood near the window, with a towel in her hand. I walked up to her and slowly extricated the towel from her hand, as she looked up at me. She took in a sharp breath, as I softly pressed down the towel around her neck.

I felt her grip my sleeves, but she didn’t attempt to pull the towel from my hand. I watched her close her eyes as the tips of my fingers grazed her collarbone. This is how Kray must have felt around her. Can watching a droplet of water slide down one’s face be mesmerizing? How is that possible?

Dropping the towel, I turned her around to gain a full view of her.

‘Lily, if he falls in love with you, they will destroy him,’ I whispered, softly.

She opened her eyes at my comment and tried to make a move, but I held her tight.

‘That’s not true,’ she responded. She attempted to loosen her grip.

‘Lily, they will. Please don’t let that happen. He’s like a brother to me,’ well he was, although, maybe not right now. ‘Look at me,’ I continued softly.

As she tilted her head up, I put my finger on her lips. I knew she wanted to say something, but I was caught in the moment. I shook my head slowly, to let her know that words meant nothing right now. I pulled my gaze away from her eyes and focused on her lips, rubbing it lightly with my thumb. I dipped my head down and began kissing down her neck. I heard her gasp as I left my mark, with sharp bites.

‘Lily, do the right thing. The decision you take is up to you alone, but, don’t think I’ll let you take my friend away from me,’ Inhaling deeply, I dropped her hand, and took a step back. My own words flew back at me, pushing me off. I could hear my heart beat speed up. Each beat felt as if someone was throwing a big blow at me. I walked back further and hit my back against the door. Lily stood still, rubbing her neck. We locked eyes, each trying to read each other’s thoughts. I couldn’t stop shaking my head. ‘This is your fault, Lily, your fault!’ I shouted, across the room.

I couldn’t believe that I was about to stab Kray in the back. ‘No,’ I breathed out and dropped to the floor. I had called her. I had back stabbed my best friend. Where had this brotherly bond disappeared to? When he needed me most, I brushed him off. Through the corners of my eyes, I noticed Lily moving.’No! Stay away from me!’ I jumped up, shouting again. I glared at her, ‘Look what you’ve made me do! You, Lily, you did this. Stay away from me. Stay away from Kray!

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