The Bitter Truth

It was all so strange. Daniel. Daniel was acting strange. He seemed slightly lost. There was something playing out in his mind. I could see it disappear as soon as I made contact with his eyes.

‘What are you up to, Daniel?’ I mumbled to myself. I needed to get to the bottom of it, but truth be told, I didn’t want to.

I walked into the bathroom and started washing my hands.

‘It was probably something that I couldn’t handle,’ I mumbled again, as I splashed water onto my face.

Something that would break me.  I began laughing. Break me? Dr Kray? Impossible! I was already broken. The only thing left, was crushing me into dust. I’d have preferred that. Leave this world. Leave Lily.

‘You shouldn’t wish for such things. It may just come true,’ I turned around to the voice. She was here.

‘You’re finally here,’ I said.

‘You look annoyed, Kray. Is my presence not welcomed?’ She asked.

She was smiling. She was beautiful, but beauty can be deceiving, even for angels. I never trusted her.

‘You’re called Kray? Did Lily give you that name?’ She seemed bored.

‘Why are you here?’ I asked. I was preoccupied with my own thoughts and wasn’t too fond of distraction.

‘I’m not here to ask you to be with me, Kray, I’m here just to observe everyone’s behaviour,’ she responded. I held onto the sink and continued looking down. ‘Kray, I already apologised,’ she added.

‘I care not for any apologies. I do not care at all. I much prefer to be a Guardian Angel and protect than to destroy,’ I emphasised.

‘I take my role seriously, and with a clear mind,’ she calmly, replied.

‘How many angels have been destroyed now? Come on, quick, quick,’ I lashed out, clicking my fingers in front of her face.

She turned her head away from me.

‘Are you here to threaten me? You know that no matter how many times the word ‘rules’ can taunt me, only you control whether I could be destroyed,’ I could not help but mock her.

‘Kray, you’re mine. You belong to me alone,’ she fumed.

‘Oh? I know that you won’t destroy me. Daniel may think that you can, but you and I both know that you would never attempt that.’

‘Don’t doubt me, Kray,’ she threatened.

‘I would never doubt your actions. I know you can destroy everything; however, I would never fall in that category. See that’s what love does,’ I said.

‘Why can you not just accept me? Why?!’ Her voice began rising.

‘Because, you destroyed my brother!’ She took a step back.

Grabbing her arm, I waved my hand and turned our surrounding to an empty park. We were now surrounded by trees and green grass. The day was clear, no clouds, no sun, nothing. She tried to break free, but, I held on and tightened my grasp. I pointed towards the spot where my brother stood. We looked so alike that only his dark blonde hair and white wings could differentiate us. He was always calm, always laughing, always something. Malayka stood opposite him. She was smiling at the body that lay on the ground.

‘She deserved it,’ I turned to the Malayka that I had grabbed. She was still smiling at the scene. Smiling at the dead body that lay in front of my brother.

Turning back, I watched as my brother knelt down and kissed the wrist of the woman he was sent to protect. He pulled the body towards him and cradled her in his arms. Anger flared in front of the Malayka in the scene. I could neither hear the words then, nor could I hear them now. My brother had stood up, with the dead body in his arms. He, now, was shouting, whilst she began pulling the body from his arms. Unable to snatch the body, she began laughing. Red light began emanating around her. I could still feel the heat, and with a blink of an eye, my brother lay on the grass. His wings had burnt to ashes, as had the body he had held. Looking down, she gave a final smile before disappearing.

With another wave of my hand, we were back in the bathroom. I turned to Malayka and calmly watched her reaction. She continued to smile.

‘I’m a mere replacement?’ Now, I was angry. It had been bottled up too long.

She closed her eyes, ‘You’re mine, Kray. You saw what happened. Don’t worry, I won’t kill Lily. But, she’s made everything so much easier for me. She doesn’t want you,’ she slowly slid her finger down my face.

That’s when it hit me. I grabbed her wrist, ‘What did you tell her?’ 

‘I just mentioned a few words. That is all,’ she shrugged her shoulders.

I shoved past her and started forming one argument after another in my mind.

‘She’s outside the third entrance,’ I heard Malayka shout out, as I rushed through.

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