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Stop holding yourself back and let the Pen be free from fear of the blank page

Stop holding yourself back and let the pen be free from the fear of the blank page   Writing your own novel or short story and publishing it to the world can be very scary, especially for a newbie. Should that be enough to stop you writing your own story? The simple answer is no.   It more »


‘Kray! Wait! Kray!’ Daniel shouted, as he raced towards me. Halting and turning towards him, I sent him a blank expression. ‘No, Kray, tell me what happened. You absolutely must!’ Daniel was adamant for an answer. His eyes had gotten cloudy, never a good sign. ‘Nothing happened. I saw Lily. Spoke a few words, and more »

The Alternative

‘I’m sure there’s another way Lily. Why he’s behaving like this is beyond me,’ Daniel stated, softly. He was holding onto Lily’s hand whilst watching her sleep. ‘I refuse to believe in all this destruction nonsense. I will not watch my friend destroy himself. I will not watch some higher power destroy him either.’ He more »

Kray – Fighting Within

I know this was wrong, but I couldn’t stop myself. When emotions take over, even the most rational thinker forgets logic. She’s already recognised me, so it’s too late, right? Kray, stop all this nonsense and enjoy the moment. Her lips were slightly chapped from the accident but her face had cleared up. Someone must more »