‘She’s awake! Greg, she’s awake,’ Mrs Turner shouted. ‘Greg, Greg, where are you?’

Suddenly, Greg jumped out of his chair, and began looking around. ‘Mum, Lily’s awake,’ he shouted.

‘Quick, press the button,’ she ordered.

Greg rushed to the wall, and pushed down the button. ‘O.K, I’ve alerted the nurses,’ he said before hurrying to Lily’s side.

‘Lily, Lily, can you-‘ Greg fell to the side.

‘Lily, can you hear me dear. Lily, look at me please,’ Mrs Turner pushed Greg to the side. ‘Come on, darling please tell me you recognise your mother.’

‘Mum, move. The nurses are here,’ Greg started pulling his mum to the side.

Lily sat still on the bed, looking straight ahead. She paid no attention to the nurses surrounding her. All sound was lost to her. She made no attempt to acknowledge their presence.

‘Doctor, she’s awake. What should we do?’ One nurse asked the doctor. He continued to look at Lily, looked down at his clipboard and walked towards the monitor. He held her hand up and lightly pressed down on her wrist.

‘Lily, can you hear me?’ He asked softly, waving his hand in front of her eyes. ‘She’s in a state of shock. Natural, considering she was involved in a car accident,’ he informed Mrs Turner. As he stood up to go, Lily turned her head and widened her eyes. The doctor could see the fear in her eyes. He moved back and sat at the edge of the bed. ‘Lily?’

She continued to stare at the doctor, blankly. Suddenly, she reached out and grabbed his sleeves and brought him close to her. ‘Daniel, where’s Kray? Where is he? I need to see him!’ She began looking around, frantically. ‘Lily, I’m Dr James, not Daniel,’ Dr James replied.

‘I know that, but you’re name is Daniel. Where is Kray? He works with you?’ she continued on. She moved her hands up and held onto his jacket. His face was inches from hers. Dr James could have easily extricated himself from her, but he was mesmerised by her eyes.

So green. Emerald green, he thought. He held her face in both his hands and looked straight into her eyes. He had experience in such situations, so he took it slow. ‘Lily, I am Dr James, not Daniel. I do not know who Kray is. He does not work with me,’ he spoke softly. ‘Do any of you know of a Kray?’ He asked Mrs Turner and Greg. They both, merely shook their head. They were clearly stunned and shocked by Lily’s behaviour. Turning back to Lily, ‘Lily, I do not know who Kray is,’ he finished. Moving himself away from her, she jumped up and made an attempt to grab his hand again. Rather than catching his hand, she fell flat on her face, the covers muffling any sound that tried to meet air.

Mrs Turner pushed passed the doctor. ‘Lily, look, it’s me, your mum,’ Mrs Turner cried. With the aid of Greg, they placed Lily back to a more respectable position.

‘Mum?’ It was the first positive sign. ‘Where is Kray?’ Hey eyes were begging for an answer.

Mrs Turner started wiping away the tears of happiness. ‘Darling, there is no Kray.’

‘Lil, do you remember me?’ Greg had gotten to Lily’s side and held onto her hand tightly.

‘Greg? But what has happened to Kray?’

Greg could feel Lily’s hand become sweaty. ‘Mum, doctor, I think, well, it seems that she may be having a panic attack,’ he quickly pushed through.

‘Where’s the coin?! I’ll summon him,’ she muttered to herself. Leaning towards the bed stand, she began searching.

‘Coin?’ Greg asked. He desperately attempted to catch and pick up the items that Lily continued to throw.

‘Where’s the coin?! It should be gleaming.’

‘Everything will be fine,’ Dr James tried to calm down everyone in the room. His words may have silenced Greg, but, Mrs Turner had other plans.

‘Move out the way everyone,’ she started to pull Lily towards her side.

‘I really don’t think this is necessary,’ Dr James began, as everything started dawning on him. ‘Can’t you at least do this, so I would not need to witness it?’

The nurses had gone and he decided that he would follow suit until he noticed Greg in his way. Greg held the same green eyes as Lily’s but he could see flecks of orange. They seem to shine through. His eyes alone, was able to stop him from taking a further step.

Mrs Turner had climbed onto the bed and held Lily’s shoulders. Everyone turned their eyes towards the scene, anxiously waiting for the next move. Lily continued asking for Kray, she chanted his name. Mrs Turner shook Lily, with such force that the bed began shaking.

Dr James made an attempt to move but Greg held onto him.

‘Lily, he doesn’t exist! No one knows him. He is not real! There is no coin!’ She practically yelled the words.

Lily slowly began noticing her mother. ‘He doesn’t exist?’ She asked, barely a whisper.

‘No, darling, he doesn’t,’ Mrs Turner answered. She began sobbing at the sight of her daughter.

‘He doesn’t?’ Lily asked Greg. Greg shook his head. He was worried, and just wanted to get to her side and hug away the pain.

Even though Lily’s face remained expressionless, she still had tears trailing down her cheeks.

‘He wasn’t real. It was all just a dream,’ she mumbled to herself. ‘He doesn’t exist. I am not in love.’ Her monotone was worrying, but Greg was happy to notice that she had started to accept the fact.

‘My love story has ended,’ were her final words before she lay back down and closed her eyes. It was getting harder and harder to remember how Kray looked like. No longer could she picture him. There was nothing more she could say. 

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