I looked at the figure next to me. I always assumed that confusion had a limit, but this was something different. One minute, this doctor was biting my neck; the next, he was accusing me of attempting to destroy Kray.

‘I don’t understand you. What are you blaming me for?’ I asked. I couldn’t understand what this guy wanted. He was a doctor, but do doctors start biting their patients? He was clearly rattled by my presence, and I by him. I retreated back to my bed. Kray? Die?

‘Lily, he will die. He’s in love with you! What have you done to him?!’ The doctor continued to shout.

‘I-I-I did nothing,’ I stuttered. I pulled my up knees to my chest and just sat there. He was intimidating me.

‘I honestly don’t even know what you’ve done to me. I actually made a move on you! He can’t stop talking about you. Yet, I made a move on you! You’ll be the death of him!’ He looked frantic, angry and scared, all at the same time. ‘I cannot believe that I touched you. Ah, the danger of lust,’ he began laughing.

‘Who are you?’ This was a question that I should have asked from the very beginning. I had a feeling that I had seen him before, I just could not remember when or where.

‘Daniel. I’m not your doctor,’ he said. ‘I can’t believe that I called her, for you,’ he murmured in a hushed tone.

I decided that I had had enough. My emotions were being played with. I could not understand why I allowed Daniel such liberties, yet, I was still determined to get Kray.

‘No. Stay away from Kray,’ he ordered.

‘Why?’ I asked. ‘I do not believe that he will die. He belongs to me,’ I added, forcefully.

Suddenly, the door creaked open. Both, him and I, turned towards the sound and waited. I looked back at Daniel, he just passed back a confused look, which I was determined mirrored mine.

Then, the door fully opened and, the most beautiful creature, that I had ever laid my eyes on, walked in. She smiled at Daniel, before turning to me.

‘No, don’t. Go back. The deal is off. Please leave him,’ Daniel begged.

She just gave a small laugh. She walked towards him and held his hand. Her eyes sparkled. I desperately wanted to know what she was thinking. I needed to know her thoughts.

‘Sorry Daniel, you know that cannot happen,’ she responded. She swiveled around to face me and gazed at me with interest. ‘Hmm, so you’re Lily? We need to have a small talk,’ she said.

‘Well, firstly, who are you?’ I asked.

‘Malayka,’ she smiled. ‘It simply means ‘Angel’.’

Daniel grabbed Malayka’s arm and turned her around. ‘Look, don’t do this…’ he trailed off.

‘Leave us alone,’ she ordered. If she ordered me, I’d probably be out the door, without a second thought. However, Daniel just stood there. ‘Daniel, I said leave us.’ It was a statement that stated that it was not up for discussion.

Daniel looked at her with apprehension, and then scowled at me.

‘So, Lily, you said Kray was yours, right? Actually, you shouted that aloud?’ She questioned. I merely nodded. ‘He belongs to me. Just as Daniel belongs to me, Kray does too. For some reason or another, Kray seems to not accept that.’

‘He doesn’t accept that you belong to him? Why, why, well, why should he? I mean, who are you to him?’ I asked.

‘Oh, no, no, Lily,’ she pointed her finger at me, ‘that is a question that you should ask yourself and I demand an answer from you,’ red flashes, sparked in her eyes, yet she continued to smile.

I was thoroughly confused. I heard Daniel take in a sharp breath. He hadn’t walked out. I looked over at him and noticed his hands were in a fist. The feeling of anger was spreading from him.

I focused my eyes on Malayka, ‘You think that I am stopping him? How is that possible if he does not like me? I mean, there isn’t a mutual feeling. I’m confused with my own feelings, I can’t imagine how he must be feeling,’ I couldn’t stop the words. ‘Does he love me? Can angels love? Can Guardian Angels love?’

‘Love?’ Daniel questioned. I rushed to him and held his hands.

‘Yes, love,’ I nodded. I knew I sounded desperate.

He snatched his hands away from me. ‘Don’t touch me, Lily,’ he seethed through his teeth. ‘I cannot believe that I told him to follow his feelings. For, for, you! You allowed me to touch you!’

I dropped my head in shame. I felt the tears role down my cheeks. Daniel reached out, but stopped before his fingers even touched my cheeks. They hovered an inch away before disappearing.

‘I love Kray. I do,’ I pushed on.

‘Lily, you don’t even know what love is,’ Daniel began laughing. ‘You barely know him, and you stand there making such a statement?’ He stepped back. ‘Your so-called love has blinded him. He can read you, he knows you have feelings for him, and he will make a move on you. Your love will ruin him and this lady here,’ he gestured towards Malayka, ‘will make sure he faces the consequences,’ he ended softly and walked out of the room.

‘I don’t think I need to add anything further,’ Malayka said from a distance. The words were barely a whisper.

I looked over at her and noticed her just standing there. She was a spectator and was enjoying it all. It must have seemed like a full blown drama.

‘Just be clear with me,’ I said

‘Leave Kray alone, or I will destroy him,’ she spoke of death so softly, ‘no, don’t shake your head so,’ she added, as I shook my head.

‘You wouldn’t,’ I was sure that she wouldn’t. ‘That’s not what angels do.’

Her eyes flashed red, once more, ‘Do not question me, Lily. We follow rules and rules dictate that he cannot take advantage of the person he looks over,’ she stated, harshly. ‘Kray belongs to me. No one else!’


‘It’s in your hands,’ she swept out. 

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