Guardian Angel [P3]

Guardian Angel 3 Chapter 9

‘Daniel, is your bleeper switched on?’ I asked. ‘Yes. I have to keep it on,’ he responded, ‘what about yours?’ ‘I’m not working in that section. Tomorrow, I’m in another hospital.’ ‘Why?’ ‘I’m not a senior, remember? I guess that’s how I gain experience maybe. A lot of the consultants move around different hospitals.’ ‘Wait, more »

Guardian Angel 3 Chapter 7

‘Good morning Dr Kratos. There’s a request for you to come to the ward,’ David, one of the admins, passed on a clipboard to me. I hadn’t even walked into my office! His ginger hair hung low down his face. Slim and tall, he passed more as a teenager than a grown young adult. ‘Thank more »

Guadian Angel 3 Chapter 6

Guardian Angel: The Story (Book 3) – I have yet to come up with chapter titles from here on. Hopefully, after completing the book, there will be titles. For now, Chapter 6 (I hope you’re all enjoying it! It’s not easy to write a story 😉 ) ‘No, wait!’ Kray gasped. Looking around, he began more »