Yet again, I moved forward to hold his hand, ‘Kray, you would have died.’ Why could he not understand the situation I was placed in?

‘You kissed my best friend to save me?’ He mocked. ‘You kissed him in front of me. You tell me, what should I think?’

‘But, if we were together, she would have destroyed you,’ I did not have any other answer.

‘Destroyed me? Who? Who would have destroyed me?’ He was turning hysterical. I looked to Daniel for some aid.

Daniel locked his eyes with mine, ‘Don’t look at me, Lily. You created this situation; you must have known that this action would provoke such an outcome. I can’t even look at you right now!’

‘I did not provoke anything. I was protecting him,’ I tried to justify my actions. I still could not understand what I had done wrong. How else could I prove that Kray meant nothing to me? Perplex would be the best word to describe how I was feeling to their response.

‘By not taking advantage of me! By not kissing me to prove a point, whatever it may be!’ Daniel threw up his hand. ‘Yes, I can read your thoughts. I might as well answer your other question. It’s better to die than to watch someone you love kiss your best friend. In front of you! It’s better to die than to live with that image playing in your head. Better to die than to live with the hurt for the rest of your life. Imagine losing your best friend and your love in one day!’ All I could do was look at him. As his words began sinking in, I started feeling a stabbing pain in my chest. Is this what we call a heartache?

Kray just stood there, staring intensely at me. He hadn’t spoken a word. The yelling had probably taken a toll on him. I stepped forward and prayed that he could see the sincerity in my eyes. ‘I didn’t even consider that. She told me that if anything happened between us, then she’d destroy you. I guess that I went about it all wrong,’ I said, glancing over at Malayka. Kray merely flinched.

Malayka was smiling. After all the shouting and yelling, how could she just stand there and smile? Her gaze hovered over Kray, before resting on me. The lights flashed back on, the whole centre was bright again. 

‘And that is what we call drama,’ Malayka clapped her hands.

I removed my eyes from Kray, and focussed it on her. ‘This is your fault,’ I said, quietly.

She shook her head and tilted her head to the side. It felt as if she was analysing me. ‘I merely told you what would happen. I did not tell you to go and kiss Daniel. Did I?’

‘No. That was your choice, Lily,’ Daniel growled.

‘But, what else was I supposed to do? How else was I supposed to save him?’ I felt helpless.

‘By talking to me!’ Kray’s response was laced with anger. I could feel it. Why did I not go to him? He shot his hand out and grabbed my arm, pulling me into his chest. I looked up into his eyes and noticed his eyes glisten with tears. Lifting my finger up, to wipe the lone tear, he pushed my hand away. ‘Why did you not come to me?’ He seethed through his teeth.

I had no answer. I closed my eyes and tried to lower my head, but he held onto my chin and roughly pulled it up. ‘Kray, please, you’re hurting me.’

He just began laughing. ‘You do not even know what hurt is, Lily,’ he hissed against my face. I could feel the heat radiating from his whole body. ‘No, Lily, it is not anger. The heat, the burning that you are experiencing, is the hurt that you have caused,’ he stated.

‘Look, Kray,’ I began but stopped. He was no longer by my side. Looking up, I searched for him. There was a crowd of patients around us. No one noticed the beautiful angel. She had wings! How was that possible? Fortunately, I noticed Daniel turning around the corner. Pushing passed everyone, I ran after him.

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