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Interview with Kristina Cook

This week I have to thank the Nationally Bestselling Author, Kristi Cook, for agreeing for an interview! Undressed, Unveiled, Unlaced (Love it!!!), To Love a Scoundrel are just some of the many books written by this wonderful author. I feel that we do not give enough credit to such amazing authors. A final note: Unlaced more »


Hi Hello Hey everyone! I would like to welcome you all to my page. It has taken me some time to get it up and running and this is my first Blog post for this website (posted up previous blog post), so you can imagine the excitement! Everything was done from scratch by me, so more »

Tutoring/UK Elections/EU/Politics and Me!

Yes it has been a few months now since I last wrote on my lovely blog so to make up for it, I’ve decided to write about something very different. As you are aware, I like to focus more on current affairs and many of my posts relate to the subject of History. But today more »