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The Marriage Mart

Not a topic I would consider blogging about, especially considering worldly affairs, but thought I’d touch on it. Most probably because I’m actually going through this phase. Actually, have been going through this phase since I hit 25! Funnily enough, I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’m going through all this, just like I’m not embarrassed more »

Amazon Bestselling Author, D L Carter

The interview with Dee was truly something! I thoroughly thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed it and I guarantee you will too!! I don’t know exactly how to explain it, ‘refreshing’ ‘upbeat’ ‘loads of enthusiasm’? I got a chance to read her latest book, Ridiculous, and I highly recommend it! Prepared to get hooked… Why did you become a more »

Interview with USA Today Bestselling Author, Rose Gordon

Hi all! This week I was able to interview the lovely USA Today Bestselling and Award-Winning Author of Historical Romance, Rose Gordon. One just cannot get enough of romance! And one just cannot get enough of her books. I would thoroughly recommend you read Her Sudden Groom. Emotional. I hope you enjoy it as much more »

Interview with Ruth Ann Nordin

Think “Her Heart’s Desire” “A Bride for Tom” (So sweet!) and “A Bride for Margaret” from the Nebraska Historical Romance series. How about “The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife” “The Earl’s Scandalous Wife” (Just love it!) and “His Reluctant Lady” from the Marriage by Scandal Series, and who pops into your mind? Yes, it’s the wonderful Ruth Ann Nordin. more »