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Is Real really Real?


Although, it is a question people ponder over at times. I sometimes also think about whether something is real. That mainly occurs when I’m deep into my writing, a world created by my thoughts and fingers.






Does Trump Have Power Over Jerusalem?

Trump has just brushed aside 55% of the world’s population for 0.3% of the population, so that is 2.3 billion Christians, along with 1.6 million Muslims for 20 million Jews as Netanyahu continuously states that Israel is a Jewish state. But does Trump really have control over Jerusalem, state city that is scared to ALL THREE religions? Read on…




The Boy in the Painting


‘Death is our best friend from childhood. It is just lost in this cruel world. When it finds its friend, what happens, only it decides. Has Death found its best friend? We will find out tonight,’ Father Jones calmly stated. ‘And whether Death decides to take Michael, is its choice, not mine and certainly not yours!’ He smacked the table with such force that his last word was lost amongst the sound.

I do hope you enjoy it. Shall be putting up chapters. I’m really enjoying typing it all!  Need your reviews, so don’t forget to comment! Also, that’s my first attempt at drawing the main character (I like to draw), just a first attempt!




Interview with USA Today Bestselling Author, Luke Romyn


Today’s interview is with USA Today Bestselling Author, Luke Romyn! It was super exciting considering I’m finally covering other genres. What’s more is that Luke has TWELVE books published, add to that, another two completed, which are currently in negotiations with publishers! But wait, there’s more…

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