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Yes, Welcome to my world of writing! You will find articles on current events and interviews with great writers, starting off with USA Bestselling authors! Don’t miss out on free chapters of my fictional work and the one and only Blog! Unlike the usual blogs out there, my blog covers anything and everything!

Below are snippets of current content up.

Final, final, final point….I hope you enjoy it!!



The NHS and I

Positive thoughts leads to positive actions, and this is why regardless what happens, I can still smile and say, I’m fine. Yes, everyone has their moments. I’ve been typing away this blog post today, and my mood has improved considerably!

It’s extremely late, writing up to AM hours, but I explain why, so read on!

Also Book 2 of the Guardian Angel series (Guardian Angel: Before & Now) out soon in paperback! Need your support guys!



Tutoring, Writing and Me

I will admit that I have fallen behind on EVERYTHING! I have two books to write and I have not added any chapters since April. I do have reasons, but I can not use them to justify it.





I Need a Title…

Hi all! You know how people compile a story of their life using YouTube, Snapchat etc etc etc? I guess I’ve been doing that through my blogs. 

I don’t think that any of my post has focused on a specific topic. It all just seems to be my thoughts – using a blog as a journal I think. What do you think?



The Boy in the Painting

‘Death is our best friend from childhood. It is just lost in this cruel world. When it finds its friend, what happens, only it decides. Has Death found its best friend? We will find out tonight,’ Father Jones calmly stated. ‘And whether Death decides to take Michael, is its choice, not mine and certainly not yours!’ He smacked the table with such force that his last word was lost amongst the sound.

I do hope you enjoy it. Shall be putting up chapters. I’m really enjoying typing it all!  Need your reviews, so don’t forget to comment! Also, that’s my first attempt at drawing the main character (I like to draw), just a first attempt!



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