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Yes, Welcome to my world of writing! You will find articles on current events and interviews with great writers, starting off with USA Bestselling authors! Don’t miss out on free chapters of my fictional work and the one and only Blog! Unlike the usual blogs out there, my blog covers anything and everything!

Below are snippets of current content up.

Final, final, final point….I hope you enjoy it!!


The Boy in the Painting

‘Death is our best friend from childhood. It is just lost in this cruel world. When it finds its friend, what happens, only it decides. Has Death found its best friend? We will find out tonight,’ Father Jones calmly stated. ‘And whether Death decides to take Michael, is its choice, not mine and certainly not yours!’ He smacked the table with such force that his last word was lost amongst the sound.

I do hope you enjoy it. Shall be putting up chapters. I’m really enjoying typing it all!  Need your reviews, so don’t forget to comment! Also, that’s my first attempt at drawing the main character (I like to draw), just a first attempt!



Book Two and a Crazy Imagination

When emotions take over, then even the most rational thinker forgets logic.

Guardian Angel: Before and Now, is about emotions, the fight for love, relationship between friends, betrayal – basically, all the feels of a romance book, just not the ‘mature’ content. I just believe that why is there a need for that when a simple look, a few words, a slight touch, can provoke so many different feelings that I’m sure that the reader may feel.

Finally blogging again! Too much has happened, but let’s hope 2017 brings loads of smiles!!



adilStop holding yourself back and let the Pen be free from fear of the blank page

Inside Guide to Success writer, Adil Choudhury, explains how to become a successful writer! First step, is to take the first step. Full of advice and links, check out the article! Don’t forget to take a trip to his site!



Guardian AngelWillingness to allow my imagination to hit the paper

Wars can happen, witches and wizards can cast spells, a sip of water can make you fly, it’s your world and you could do anything in it. At the same time, you realise that things that you were perhaps confused about, make more sense. 

Check out my blogpost…my journey to finally writing my book!




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