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Yes, Welcome to my world of writing! You will find articles on current events and interviews with great writers, starting off with USA Bestselling authors! Don’t miss out on free chapters of my fictional work and the one and only Blog! Unlike the usual blogs out there, my blog covers anything and everything!

Below are snippets of current content up.

Final, final, final point….I hope you enjoy it!!


Jane LarkInterview with National Bestselling Author, Jane Lark

Hi everyone. I’ve got a couple of posts up already, but I will admit, I enjoyed this posting this up the most (one reason why it is on the front page!).I hope you enjoy it!




Elizabeth ColeInterview with Bestselling Author, Elizabeth Cole


Among everything that is going on at the moment, I was still able to interview the wonderful Elizabeth Cole. As a lover of Regency Romance novels and novellas, I was highly attracted to her Regency Rhapsody series, and would recommend anyone to read it.

Her new book, Choose the Sky, is out now! 



Erin KnightleyInterview with USA Today Bestselling Author, Erin Knightley 


Hello all! Today I’ve got a great interview with the wonderful Erin Knightley. You may recognise her from her various books and novellas, such as, Ruined by a Rake and Scandalised by a Scandal. I’ve wanted to put up the interview weeks, but I have the same excuses for the delay (happens when you immune system and nervous system decide to not listen to you!). But, it was a lovely interview, with a great author.




Cheryl BolenInterview with New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Cheryl Bolen


I got a chance to interview Cheryl Bolen. The lovely Cheryl Bolen has written over 30 books, with several winning Best Historical Awards, and she agreed to the interview! I hope you all enjoy it.